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Ah, Halloween, the one time of year you are allowed to dress up, paint your face, and be someone else for a night (not to mention gorge on candy). Of all the different costumes over the ages, none is more classic and recognizable than ghost Halloween costumes. This is not a coincidence. The act of dressing up for Halloween began in ages past when it was believed that the boundary between the world of the living, and the world of the dead was weakened on Halloween.

It was thought that the spirits of the passed would walk amongst us and people were terrified of being snatched by these and taken back to the underworld with them. In order to fool the spirits, people would dress as spirits themselves. It eventually became a game, this play on fear, in order to lighten the mood and eventually morphed into the wonderfully spooky celebration we have today.

There is a much greater variety of ghosts Halloween costumes today then the standard sheet with the holes cutout costume of yesteryear. Granted, for an inexpensive option, the holey sheet costume is still a much recognized and venerated costume. If you would like to try something different this year, however, why not try on one of the spooky new varieties of ghost Halloween costumes.

If you are loathe to stray too far from the classic forms of ghost Halloween costumes, there are updated versions of death shroud, complete with ragged hems and sleeves. The most complicated part of these costumes is the accessories you choose to go with them. For a slightly more romantic version, try one of the wispy tulle cloaks. Simply powder your hair and add some ghastly make-up to add a little mystery to your ghost Halloween costumes.

Do not forget the ghost Halloween costumes from other time periods. You could be a stylish Victorian ghost straight out of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, or the wraith of Jack the Ripper. Perhaps you would like to be the ghost of maid or chauffeur, haunting the manor in which you spent many unhappy days.

There are ghost pirates, ghost bride, and ghost groom costumes as well. Let us not forget about the other kinds of ghost Halloween costumes that can be found. Ireland’s dreaded banshee is a ghost to be feared, who is shriek is said to foretell a death soon to happen. A mummy is also a kind of ghost — a long-dead pharaoh having risen from the grave still wrapped in his burial shroud. Some may argue that this is a kind of zombie, but it seems to span both worlds. Skeletons and reapers are two more examples of ghost Halloween costumes.

The actual costumes are only part of successful ghost Halloween costumes, however. Accessories are integral pieces that can make or break your ensemble. A wig can help transform your normal hair into the long, matted locks of the dead. Face paint and make-up will turn you from fresh faced and alive to long dead and rotted. There are potential additions for ghost Halloween costumes than can possibly be named and the only limit is your creativity.

Halloween Costumes

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